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Arctogale is another Oriental genus with very small teeth, those
of the molar series being hardly in contact. The soles of the feet are
more naked than in the last genus, and the scent glands, if present,
appear to be small and ill developed, It has also a long tail, and
is arboreal in way of life. There Is " nothing particular recorded ?*
as to its habits. The species are A. leucotis and A. stigmatica.

Closely allied to both the last genera is Memigale, also
an Oriental genus. It is to be distinguished from J?arado&urus

FIG. 201, —Hard wicko's Civet Cat.    Hemiycde hardvneki.

(From Mature.)

by having the soles of the feet much less naked, though they are
more so than in Viverra or Prionodon. The coloration of the
species, Ml KardwicM (a Malayan animal), is very peculiar. The
body is banded with five or six broad transverse stripes, and the
basal portion of the tail is also ringed, an uncommon feature in
the group, A second species of this genus is M hosei, from Borneo.
It is blackish in colour, but is not a melanic variety of the last.
Mtndinia appears  never   to possess a caecum*1      It   is  also
peculiar among Carnivora in  the non-ossification of the hinder
1 Flower, Froc. ^p0|, jSfce. 1872, p. 083.